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How to create a catchy and memorable ad campaign

The Times Online , the national newspaper of India, on Thursday published an ad campaign by a rival company, Lal Advertising Group, in the southern city of Hyderabad.

The ad, which was published on the website of the news portal Times Now, features a man with a black beard, and a woman wearing a white suit and white sneakers.

The image shows the man smiling while the woman wears a white mask and a red dress.

“Lal is the only company in the country that can create a compelling, catchy and engaging ad campaign for the Indian consumers,” the ad’s website reads.

“The fact that this ad is targeted to people in Hyderabad makes it even more memorable.”

The Times article is titled “What is a unique brand?

What is a brand?

and how can you create one?”

In its article, the Times Of India said the company’s ad campaign “will highlight the importance of a unique product to a customer’s life.”

The advertisement is part of the company, which has launched a campaign in recent months against the media companies that have published fake news and fake stories, which it said has helped the country’s media be censored.

The company has also taken to launching an online campaign against the Indian Congress and other parties.

The newspaper said it will use the ad campaign to highlight the significance of Lal advertising.

The campaign, which will be available to viewers for free, has also been dubbed “LAL’s best marketing campaign in the past few months.”

The ad campaign has been running for a week in Hyderabadi, a city in the south of India.

The Times piece also said the campaign has “taken Lal to a whole new level” and is being conducted by “a very talented team.”

The company’s advertising chief, Suresh Bhatia, said the ad has been an effective marketing tool for the company.

“This ad is one of the most memorable we have ever done in the history of the ad space.

It has been very effective,” he said.


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