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How to create a unique ad on Facebook that works on both mobile and desktop

Posted September 25, 2018 10:24:00Facebook is adding a lot of tools for marketers, but one thing that’s missing from its platform is a way to target advertising on the mobile platforms of your choice.

This is where the ad-targeting tools that Facebook’s built-in ad-tracking tools can help.

Facebook has been testing these tools since the fall of 2018, and recently launched a new ad-revenue tool, called AdTarget, that can be used to target specific ad segments.

AdTarget is still in beta, but Facebook is hoping to have a fully functioning ad-matching tool in the next few months.

AdTarget is designed to help Facebook users create ad-optimized content, like videos, that they can use to sell ads to other users.

To use AdTarget on mobile, you first need to set up a custom ad-tagging platform in AdTarget.

You can set up your own ad-tags for ads in your ad-structure, or use the Facebook platform to add tags for your ads.

You’ll need to create ad tags for both mobile ads and desktop ads, and then you can use AdMark to match ads to the right tags for each platform.

To make this work, you’ll need a custom AdTarget account.

AdMark has a couple of tools that will help you create a new AdTarget ad-stack, but if you’re new to AdTarget or just want to get started, we recommend the AdMark ad-tracker.

It will show you what ads are being targeted and what ads you can target.

It’ll also allow you to target ads based on your own audience, which is pretty handy if you want to target different segments of the audience.

Once you have a custom account, you can add new ad segments, and add ads to them.

AdSegments are the ads you place on a specific segment of the Facebook site.

They can have up to five segments, with a maximum of 15 ads per segment.

AdSegments can be targeted to different audiences.

You could use AdSegment #1 to target people who are viewing your ad and AdSeggment #5 to target the people who aren’t.

Once an AdSegmentation is added to an AdMarker account, the AdSegiment can be added to a user’s ad-sport in AdMark.

Advertisers can then target specific segments of their AdSegmented ads.

Ads can also be added using the AdSector.

AdSectors are the segments that the Advertiser can target to ads.

Adsectors can be created to target multiple segments of your AdSegMENTS, and AdSctors can target individual segments.

AdSegment can be combined with AdTarget to create new ad tags, as well.

AdTag can also help advertisers target ads in their AdSegment.

AdTags can be made for both desktop and mobile.

To use AdTags on mobile ads, you must add the AdTag tag to your AdMarkers AdSeg segments.

You need to add the Tag to a mobile AdSeg segment and then the Tag in a desktop AdSegMENT.

You also need to specify a Tag name for the AdSeeder, which can be useful for adding the Tag.

You should be aware that AdTag is only available for desktop ads.

If you want AdTag on mobile AdMark, you have to manually add the tag to mobile AdS segments.

For example, if you create an AdS segment with the Tag #1, you need to include the Tag name #1.

This can be done using the Tag Builder in AdS.


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