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How to make a dent in the ad industry’s digital advertising war

A lot of digital advertising is still coming out of the lab in the lab.

But the biggest challenge facing ad buyers, marketers and the adtech industry is making a dent.

It’s the digital ad market that is the battleground in the fight over digital advertising’s future.

“This is an evolving marketplace,” said Mike Krieger, chief executive of the ad tech company Adepta, who has been working on a strategy to increase the amount of ad space available to advertisers.

Adeptamatic, an ad tech firm based in New York, is the biggest ad tech player in the world, and it has developed a digital platform that will allow advertisers to target audiences based on geographic location and other data.

“We’re seeing more and more of this type of content in the marketplace, so we think this is an opportunity to leverage our platform to do even more,” Kriegler said.

The strategy is being tested in the U.S., Canada, the U, and Japan.

“The market is changing,” said David Bress, CEO of ad tech startup Adsight, which is working to improve the ad space that its partners can offer to advertisers by partnering with a wide range of ad companies.

The shift is partly driven by the rise of social media.

A growing number of ads on Facebook, Instagram and other platforms have been tailored to target specific audiences.

“It’s not only advertisers that are changing their behavior, it’s the advertising market,” Bress said.

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the United States, and in the past several months, it has introduced features that allow advertisers more control over what ads appear on their sites.

“Advertisers are increasingly seeing the value in advertising on mobile, and Facebook has been an incredible platform for them to grow their businesses,” said Adeptaxic CEO Michael Schubert.

Advertisers and marketers who have long focused on ad placement are also seeing a surge in digital advertising.

Adtech firm InVision, which provides advertising platforms for brands and brands of all sizes, has been using Facebook ads as a revenue generator.

“Facebook has given us an opportunity because of its unique position in the digital advertising market, which has been a very good thing for our businesses,” InVision CEO Paul Nungesser said.

For the ad business, the shift is also driven by digital technologies that allow the ad market to be more agile.

“A lot of what we do today is based on the work that’s been done in the labs,” said John Novella, president of digital strategy and strategy for Adeptacademy, an Adeptas ad technology company.

“You don’t have to be in the basement in New Jersey to be doing this.”

The Adeptavision ad tech platform lets users track the number of views a given ad has received across the Internet.

In the U of A, where Novello works, the company has been testing the platform for about a year.

“If you’re doing ad research in the laboratory and you’re going to a website, and you get 100 people who don’t know each other, it can be a lot of work,” Novellas said.

“But the more data you have on that particular website, the better the results will be.”

A handful of adtech firms have already begun to scale up their efforts to help advertisers target audiences with the right ads, but the big ad tech players are largely working on smaller teams.

Advantech, a company based in San Francisco, is building a digital ad technology platform that aims to help publishers and brands build more targeted digital ads for advertisers.

“One of the things we’ve learned is that if you build a platform that helps your users, you can also build a bigger platform,” said Ryan Smith, the co-founder of Advantecademy.

“Our platform is very focused on building tools that help publishers better manage their campaigns.

We want to help them make the right decisions for their advertisers.”

Advantaxic, which works with major ad companies like Adex, will work on building ad technology platforms that will help advertisers reach advertisers more efficiently and effectively.

In addition to offering its platform to advertisers, Adeptia is working on helping advertisers and brands find the right advertisers to spend on their campaigns, and helping marketers tailor their digital ads to match the right audience.

Adaxic will be working with a group of advertisers in the next few weeks to help create an Adaxia platform that would let them target their ads to specific audiences and reach more people.

Adoptamatic is working with the ad technology firm Adeptactics to create an advertising platform that advertisers can use to target their ad content to specific groups of people.

The platform will allow brands and advertisers to build more relevant and personalized ads for specific audiences, according to InVision’s Novelly.

Adacad, a San Francisco-based ad tech and content management company, is working closely


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