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Mas Advertising Agency Design What it’s like to be a woman in the media?

What it’s like to be a woman in the media?

More than half of the women in America’s advertising industry are female, and they’re increasingly being treated as if they’re less valuable.

A new report from the Women in Advertising Association (WIAA) shows that the women behind ads are often given a lower salary, often with little to no recourse when they want to seek redress.

The report, released Monday, found that women were paid only about half the amount they would if they were men in comparable positions in the industry.

The median salary of a woman ad executive was $63,000 in 2016, according to the WIAA.

By contrast, men earned about $65,000 and women earned about 85 percent of that.

In 2016, women earned an average of $2,099 a day, compared to $2.21 for men.WIAAs executive director Rebecca Siegel said the gender wage gap is especially troubling because of the importance of women in advertising.

She said women make up about a third of the workforce, and the vast majority of women advertising work is in social media and digital media.

Women have traditionally been considered undervalued by advertising companies, she said.

But women have been fighting back and are now making strides to secure equal pay.

“It’s not a new story.

It’s always been about women in media,” Siegel told The Hill.

“The gender wage gaps have been there for decades.

But it’s gotten so bad that we have to take a hard look at it.

It needs to be looked at, and we’re starting to do that.”

Siegel said that in 2016 women held 25 percent of the top spots in online video ads.

That’s down from nearly 40 percent in 2017, when women accounted for about 40 percent of top spots.

Siegel believes that the increase in women in leadership roles is partly due to the rise of women-led organizations.

“They’re finding the right ways to hire women,” Sauer said.

“We’re seeing a lot more women working in tech.

And they’re also finding ways to work with women in other ways.”

For example, she pointed to the emergence of women working on campaigns that reach diverse audiences.

“In 2017, we were seeing women working directly with people of color and people who are transgender.

They’re doing digital outreach.

They are connecting with people who live in underserved communities,” she said, noting that the WiaA has been working to raise awareness about these efforts.

Women also have more opportunities to be hired, said Siegel, as the industry has moved from traditional male-dominated roles to female-dominated ones.

The study found that among the most common reasons given for women not being hired by advertisers was gender bias.

For example:Women were underrepresented in high-profile positions and positions that involved a higher level of risk, such as those at media companies, marketing firms, and advertising agencies.

Women were less likely than men to be offered roles at agencies that were based in the states they live in.

The study found a gender wage wage gap of 8.8 percent in 2016 and 17.3 percent in 2020.

The WIAAs CEO said the report was a welcome addition to the discussion on the wage gap.

“There is an important issue of pay equity,” Sabel said.

“We’re all working together to solve it.

And we’re all pushing back.

And there’s a lot of work being done.”


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