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Mas Advertising Agency Printing Backpage classified ads target teens with the promise of money

Backpage classified ads target teens with the promise of money

The backpage classified ad industry has been booming for years, but the advertising industry as a whole has been slowly but surely losing steam.

The ads were part of a $400 million buy-out of a California-based classified advertising company by the government last year.

Backpage is no longer a legitimate classified ad agency, but that doesn’t mean it’s stopped running ads for a variety of businesses and people, like the family of former House Speaker John Boehner.

Back page is the only one of the biggest advertising agencies in the country that does not appear to have any business relationship with a government agency.

And the company is still running ads on Backpage as if it has any kind of real relationship with the government.

Some advertisers and clients have already started to distance themselves from Backpage, including Craigslist, which shuttered its Backpage advertising after it was caught violating federal law.

And some businesses have shut down advertising on the site in response to the Backpage ads.

But it seems unlikely that the BackPage ads are the only part of the advertising world that is being targeted by the ads.

In an article published on The Washington Post’s business site, we reported on a class-action lawsuit brought by a group of businesses that have sued Backpage for using the ads without their permission.

The suit claims that Backpage has used the ads to target ads to customers who do not meet the criteria for Backpage’s “affiliate program.”

The suit also says Backpage uses the ads in order to lure customers into Backpage stores, and then sell the ads for up to $50,000 each.

In addition to the ads that have been linked to the class action lawsuit, we’ve seen reports of other ads that BackPage has paid to advertisers, like a $30 ad in the Wall Street Journal that says, “We love Backpage.”

The Washington Examiner recently wrote about how Backpage had paid a $40,000 ad to a company called “Crazy Business” to use the word “weird” on a campaign for a coffee shop in New York City.

We don’t know if Backpage paid for the ads, but they’re certainly not the only ads Backpage used to target its customers.

The Post also reported that Backspace, the site that hosts Backpage advertisements, had paid for ads to appear on and on the website of a New Jersey-based clothing store called Backpets, and Backpoodles ads were featured on websites like Craigslist, Yahoo!, and eBay.

Backpaxie, the Backpoodle app that allows users to see the ads on their phone, is now available for Android and iOS.

BackPoodles ad is part of an ad campaign run by Backpage to promote the website.

In the ad, a young man looks into a camera while reading the Backpocket advertisement, and a voiceover says, ‘This is our most popular Backpocket ad.

The word Weird is our word of the year.

This is the best way to reach our members.’

“I’m going to call it Weird,” the narrator says.

“I know, you know, I don’t want to do this.

But you know what?

This is Weird.”

The ad says, “[Backpage] is just the next step in our advertising strategy, and this campaign is going to show our brand.

You can bet we’re going to use all the things we have, to sell you our brand.”

In other words, Backpage seems to be targeting teens and adults looking to buy or rent clothing and shoes.

But the ads are just one part of what Backpage does.

In fact, the website is so popular that Backpages ads are even appearing on its own ads.

Backpocket, the company that runs Backpage ad campaigns, is also a major part of Backpages ad sales, and its ads are regularly featured on Backpages site.

“Backpocket is the biggest source of Backpocket advertising,” a Backpocket spokesperson told The Post.

“We are constantly looking for new ways to create content for our community.

We also know that our ad platform has a massive potential for growth, so we’ve been investing in a number of new features.”

For instance, Backpocket recently introduced a new feature called “the ads are free,” which will allow advertisers to pay a fixed fee for the placement of an advertisement on Backpocket.

“The ads are always free, so it’s easy to get your name out there,” the Back Pocket spokesperson said.

BackPocket is not the first online classified ad company to be targeted by BackPage.

But that doesn of course mean that Backpocket ads are all that BackPocket has targeted.

BackPage’s advertising sales have also been targeted by other online classified ads that were launched by other classified advertising companies, like Facebook, which was also targeted by another classified advertising firm called BackPage, which is now owned


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