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Sexist advertisements for etsy

A bunch of ads from Etsy, the popular online marketplace for handmade items, have been deemed “sexist” by some women.

In a list of “sexism-related” ads, one ad from Etsy is specifically for women who “have a fetish for a particular object.”

In the list of products listed, Etsy says the products are intended to “make the wearer feel sexy.”

One ad shows a woman holding a purse in her hands, with the caption, “When I’m not wearing it, I have to look at my sexy little purse.”

A second ad shows another woman holding her purse, holding a pen, and a purse with a penis in it.

Another ad shows the same woman holding the purse with the penis in her hand, with a caption that reads, “I can’t stop touching my pussy when I’m in bed with my boyfriend.”

A third ad shows two women in a pool of water holding a vibrator and a vibrating strap-on toy.

All of these ads are described as “sexless” and “sexual.”

“You are a woman and you are a person and you do not have a fetish,” Etsy’s head of product, Adam Kramer, told Business Insider.

“This is a part of our community that is built around diversity and inclusion and it’s not something that we condone.”

Kramer said the company was not specifically targeting women.

“We think it’s a really important thing that women are able to explore their sexuality and express themselves and their own experiences in the same way that men do,” he said.

“So I think it would be really inappropriate for us to be using this as a tool for our community to push women out and to exclude them.”

Kramden said the ads are not designed to target a specific gender, but instead are “totally inclusive and inclusive of everyone in our community.”

“We don’t have a problem with people being women or men,” he added.

“We just want to make sure that all of our users are getting the message that Etsy is a welcoming place where all genders can feel welcome and feel free to express themselves.”

Kemper said he believes “there’s a big gap” in terms of how gender is represented in Etsy.

“The majority of Etsy users are women, and the vast majority of the content we create is designed to be inclusive for all genders,” he told Business Insider.

“But that’s not true for every gender.”

Kempers statement about the ads was met with mixed reactions.

One commenter wrote, “So sexist, racist and homophobic ads are being advertised to women?

Why can’t Etsy put more people of colour in their community and focus on the important issues that women face?”

Another wrote, “‘Sexist’ is the word that pops up most often in the comments.

I’ve never seen anything so sexist in my entire life.

This is just so offensive to women.”

Kelsey Baskin-Mackenzie, who lives in the UK, said that although the ads were sexist, it didn’t make her feel “unsafe” or unsafe.

“I’ve never been told I was ‘unsafe’ for expressing my sexuality or sexual preference, but I have seen many people who express these same things online,” she said.

“I’m glad it’s being addressed in a way that is safe and supportive to all genders.”

Baskinmekenzie said she felt that she was “safe” to express her sexuality on Etsy, and felt that the company’s focus on women was a positive step forward.

“They’ve gone from just focusing on women and not really looking at people of color or trans people and their experiences, to really actually doing something to try and get people to think about that and really listen to what people are saying,” she added.

“It’s great to see Etsy and its community, because for a lot of people it’s difficult to get the attention they need.”

Bakers Bakery is also not alone in being offended by the ads.

Another Etsy seller, who goes by the name of Alyssa, posted an image of her vagina on Instagram with the tagline, “This isn’t your vagina, but this is my vagina.”

In a comment on Alyssas post, the Etsy seller said, “My vagina is my body.

It is not my choice.

My vagina does not belong to me, it belongs to everyone else.”

Alyssa also posted a message on Instagram saying, “It’s been an emotional roller coaster of emotions for me and my friends who feel so strongly about this issue.

I hope you are able for your own safety and comfort and have a safe space.”

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