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What to know about gender ads in Canada’s media landscape

The gender ads that pop up on TV, in print and on social media have been everywhere, but only in Canada.

The advertising campaigns are also ubiquitous across other countries.

For instance, when a Canadian male journalist visited a women’s centre, the advertising could have come from the local CBC station.

A gender-neutral billboard in Montreal.

The Globe and Mail has put together this handy infographic on the advertising practices in Canada and how they’re changing.

Here’s what we know about the latest trends.1.

Advertising is gender neutral.

Women are underrepresented in the Canadian media landscape and gender-specific advertising is the norm.

The only exception is in Canada, where the media landscape is gender-sensitive, meaning advertisers can choose to target the gender of their target audience, according to a study released in January by the Angus Reid Institute.

The institute’s co-author, Mark Thoma, said the gender-focused nature of advertising has contributed to a “rebalancing of the gender role in advertising,” with gender being a “key factor in a lot of the trends we see.”2.

Ads can be gender neutral, but not always.

In Canada, advertising is gender inclusive, meaning that all advertising is targeted at people who identify as a particular gender.

The majority of ads, however, are still gender neutral or targeted at men, according the Angus Reaganesque Institute.

This means they don’t necessarily promote women or men.3.

Ads are gender-based.

According to a survey of Canadian advertisers by the Media, Entertainment and Arts Coalition, 70 per cent of respondents said they had gender-bias complaints.

In addition, 40 per cent said that ads were gender-biased because of the target gender, the study found.4.

Ads do not need to be gender-balanced.

Advertising, in general, is gender diverse and gender neutral is a core principle of the industry.

Advertising companies are not required to be equal in terms of gender or gender roles.

But they can choose, and they must be gender inclusive of the various genders in their target market.5.

Ads need to fit into the gender binary.

Gender is an important factor in advertising and many gender-targeted ads are gender neutral — or gender neutral in the marketing sense, which means they target people who do not identify as men or women.6.

Ads should target people, not the opposite sex.

According the Advertising Council of Canada, ads that promote a person or gender can be used as a way to promote that person or that gender to the opposite gender.7.

Gender-neutral ads can be a good thing for advertisers.

The Advertising Standards Council of British Columbia said advertising can be more inclusive in terms the gender gap exists.

And a gender-responsive ad, which promotes the gender equality of people in their gender, is not only more likely to be inclusive, but it’s also more effective.8.

Ads that promote gender equality can be successful.

In the U.S., there is a gender gap, according a study by the Pew Research Centre, but the gender balance is relatively balanced.

In Britain, gender-equal ads can generate a good deal of revenue for brands.

In Germany, gender equality is one of the core principles of the country’s marketing policy.8a.

Ads have to be targeted at the right audience.

In many cases, advertisers need to know what their target group is before they decide to target ads at them.

For example, in Canada gender-selective ads must target men and women, and gender is not a factor.

This also means advertisers should be careful not to use gender-related keywords or slogans.9.

Advertising campaigns should not target the wrong audience.

Gender discrimination has been shown to affect people’s perception of advertising, according Pew.

In a study done for the U,S.

Commission on Civil Rights, gender discrimination in ads and marketing was found to be a major issue for people.

And the Canadian Advertising Standards Association’s Gender Fairness Guidelines state: “An ad campaign targeting the wrong gender is one that is targeted to an audience that is not targeted to a targeted audience, such as a gender stereotyped group of people.”10.

Advertising must be culturally appropriate.

Advertising can be culturally diverse, with ads targeting people from all cultures and backgrounds.

This is especially important for ads targeting groups with different cultural norms, such to women, young people and Indigenous peoples.11.

Advertising should not be biased.

Advertising cannot be gender or age-biased, and advertisers need not use gender stereotypes to target advertising, the Advertising Standards Act states.

Gender stereotyping, or using gender-coded terms, is unacceptable in the workplace and in the media, according this guide by the Canadian Council of Chief Executives.

The Globe and Times has partnered with the Angus Research Institute to analyze gender advertising and to provide insights on how the industry is changing.

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