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What to know about the Hulu advertising campaign

HULU has launched an ad campaign in Australia that will take viewers on a tour of some of its more unique features.

In a promotional video for the ad campaign titled ‘Fantastic’, HULUS chief content officer James Smith talks about the new feature, calling it “a unique opportunity to bring together the best content and the most unique experiences from across the HULUs platforms”.

“This is the first time that we’re bringing our HUL U content to a wider audience, and it’s also the first HULu ad that has been created for a global audience,” Smith said.

“It’s our biggest ad campaign to date and will give us more exposure across Australia and beyond.”

The video also highlights some of the features HULS ad network is already bringing to Australia, including the ability to search for movies and TV shows and to search by genre.

Hulu also said it will be bringing to its Australian ad campaign a new ‘Guide to the City’ section that will highlight local experiences and offers.

In the guide section, users will be able to find and buy everything from cafes and restaurants to events, cafes and museums.

“We know the world is hungry for information, and we’re not afraid to tell you about what you’re missing,” Smith explained.

“The guide will be a collection of curated information that will help you discover new things around Melbourne and beyond, and then make it easy to connect with the world around you.”

It’s also coming to the US, Canada and New Zealand, and a similar guide will roll out to the UK.

“There are millions of people around the world who are looking for the things they need right now, and HUL’s Guide to the Cities is the perfect resource for them,” Smith continued.

“Discovering the city and how you live it is a great way to get to know the city.”

The HULHU website offers a wealth of information on Melbourne and the city as a whole, and has recently been expanded with new sections that highlight Melbourne’s most popular attractions and events, its most popular music venues, and events for kids.

Smith said that the HUTUS ad campaign will be launching this week, and that it is expected to run throughout the next month.

“As the year winds down and the new year dawns, we’re going to have some great announcements in the coming months, including new advertising deals, new marketing and promotion opportunities, and some exciting new content,” Smith concluded.



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