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What’s next for social ads on Facebook?

It’s been almost three years since Facebook unveiled its new “sponsored posts” program, but that hasn’t stopped the company from looking to monetize the platform’s ads.

That’s not a new strategy for the social network, which has long been known for its advertising, but it is the latest attempt by the company to capitalize on the growing popularity of its ads.

This year, Facebook also began using its “Trending Topics” feature to allow users to browse and see posts that are trending on the site.

The company has also made efforts to use its massive user base to promote its own products and services.

Facebook’s new program is a big change for Facebook, which is currently at the forefront of a social advertising market that has grown exponentially in the last few years.

While its revenue is up about 30 percent from the year before, Facebook’s advertising business still isn’t doing well.

It’s hard to imagine the company not seeing a future where its ads would be more relevant to its users than those it is already paying for.

But it could be that Facebook is just not willing to take that risk.

Facebook recently announced it would be changing the way it manages its ads on its site.

In a post, Facebook said it would change the way its ad revenue is handled, which includes how it assigns revenue to different categories.

For example, advertisers could now earn revenue for their posts on news articles, music, and entertainment topics.

Facebook said this change would reduce the amount of money it has to spend to reach its advertisers.

“As part of this new policy change, Facebook will no longer pay marketers to run their ads on the Facebook News Feed,” the company wrote.

Facebook also said it will stop paying publishers to use Facebook’s AdWords and Sponsored News platforms.

The new policy changes could mean Facebook’s ad revenue will be more valuable to it, which could mean it’s willing to spend less money on ads and more money on developing new features to drive the most engagement.

Facebook has also been trying to attract users to the platform with its new mobile ads.

The site’s mobile ads are now more like video ads, where the user has to swipe between multiple videos to be able to see ads.

It seems like Facebook is making a concerted effort to create a mobile app that is more like the social media platform it is competing against.

The latest updates to Facebook’s mobile app are a welcome change, and it could lead to a better user experience.

But Facebook is still not making money from its mobile ads, and that’s a concern for some advertisers.

According to a recent report from Ad Age, advertisers in the United States are not willing pay for ads in the app.

Facebook is paying about 1.8 cents per ad, which would make the platform a pretty attractive target for advertisers.

The report also noted that Facebook’s ads are often not relevant to the content that users are viewing.

In other words, the ads do not do anything to engage users.

However, the company has been able to tap into that demographic with its mobile ad platforms.

Facebook already has a mobile ad service that’s part of its “Sponsored Posts” feature.

That service lets users view and post sponsored posts.

Facebook allows its mobile app to use advertising revenue for targeted advertising, and the company recently started allowing ads to appear alongside ads for other Facebook products and apps.

However the company does not appear to have any plans to monetise those ads directly.

Facebook was also recently caught using ad targeting to target ads in its News Feed, and Facebook also recently started experimenting with automated advertising.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in an interview that Facebook would not be using automation to monetizing its ads, but the company did add that it is working on a solution.

Advertisers may not be willing to pay for ad placement on Facebook, and there is a growing debate about whether it should be possible for Facebook to get advertisers to pay more for the ad placement that is in its mobile and desktop apps.

Facebook will likely need to continue to invest in these services to continue growing its revenue.


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