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Mas Advertising Agency Printing ‘He’s just a kid’: President Trump on a tweet about his ‘fake news’

‘He’s just a kid’: President Trump on a tweet about his ‘fake news’

President Trump has tweeted about the president’s tweet, saying he was referring to a story he read from a Fox News article, which was published by The Washington Post.

Trump tweeted Saturday that he was reading a Fox article about a report that he and his team had been given a briefing about the administration’s planned response to the opioid crisis.

The tweet comes just one day after Trump tweeted that he had “had a chance to read from the Fox article” and had not read anything from the actual article.

Trump also referenced a tweet from The Post’s David Fahrenthold, who tweeted that Trump had been briefed on the opioid plan.

Trump’s tweet came hours after Trump and Vice President Mike Pence spoke by phone on the crisis.

Pence and Trump both spoke about the opioid epidemic at the White House on Friday.

The president also sent out a series of tweets Friday morning that included a tweet claiming that he knew Pence had read a Fox story on the White’s opioid crisis, but he did not know it was from the real news outlet.

He also retweeted a Fox news article from Sunday night, which he claimed was based on a “Fox News source.”

Trump also tweeted about his reaction to the story on Saturday.

“I read a story on Fox News about a new CNN report.

It’s a totally false story, just like the phony fake news that @CNN & @NBCNews put out,” Trump wrote.

“The Fake News Media is FAKE NEWS.

Don’t believe the phony Fake News stories.

The Fake News media is the enemy of the American People.”

Trump’s tweets come after a number of reporters and lawmakers have questioned Trump’s use of Twitter, which is heavily used by the president and his allies to reach out to the American public.

“As a candidate I said I would not use social media.

The press asked me if I would use it,” Trump said in a statement Friday.

“But now it seems the press has asked me again.

So, I just tweeted a few times today.

It was not a wise decision.

But, as I said, it was a smart one.”


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