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Mas Advertising Agency Picture Album How Facebook’s new ad targeting system is helping it become a big media company

How Facebook’s new ad targeting system is helping it become a big media company

The ad market is still the hottest in the world, with Facebook and its ad partners having a market capitalization of around $70 billion.

But they’re not the only ones who are making money.

As we’ve reported previously, Facebook is also now paying its advertisers to post the ads they want.

So, if you want to find out what brands and products your friends and family like, it’s a great idea to target your ads to the people you know.

And it’s not just advertisers who are doing it.

It’s also the companies who provide online services like Instagram and Facebook Pages that are using their services to post ads.

That means that when you search for a brand, it could show up in a user’s feed without ever having to ask.

And if you search to see what your friends are reading, it’ll show up too.

Now, all of this has been happening in recent years.

But this year has seen an unprecedented increase in the amount of information that companies are using to target advertising.

As more and more content becomes public, companies are finding that they have a lot more control over what you see and hear.

So this has become a game changer for publishers, and the ad industry is playing catch-up.

Advertisers are using social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to target their ads to their audience.

Now they’re doing it in a way that is a lot easier than it used to be, as we’ve documented here at TechCrunch.

And as we write this, ad buyers are spending around $1.4 billion per month targeting users who have the same interests as their advertisers.

And that’s up from just over $800 million per month in 2016.

This year’s revenue from targeted ads has been growing by a factor of three every single month since May.

And advertisers are spending more on targeted ads than they have in the past 10 years.

The growth is not limited to ad spending.

As TechCrunch previously noted, Facebook ads now target more than half of all online users.

That includes nearly all mobile users, as well as almost all mobile device users.

In fact, Facebook’s ad spend on mobile devices grew by more than five times over the past five years.

And those increases are not only driven by increased ad consumption, but also by the growing power of mobile devices.

So the more people you reach on your mobile device, the more you’ll have access to the ads that are targeting you.

This is an enormous opportunity for advertisers.

Not only do they get to see more of what your customers are reading and watching, they get the same ads that they see in the ad network they’re already in.

And with Facebook’s technology, advertisers have the ability to target the ads their audience is interested in, regardless of whether they have the data necessary to understand exactly what their target audiences are looking for.

The technology behind targeted ads can be used to help advertisers target specific brands or specific products.

In 2016, Facebook allowed advertisers to make targeted ads targeting their specific product, as opposed to a general interest.

But Facebook is not the first company to do this.

Companies have been using social platforms to target advertisers since the start of the web.

But the idea of targeted advertising has only been in the works for a few years, and there are a lot of reasons why it has been such a slow adoption.

For one thing, most of the ad networks we know of that are now using this technology are still largely based on data generated from traditional ads.

And most of those data are not even representative of the overall audience.

For example, Facebook already has the ability and the means to analyze a person’s interests in real time, rather than just a snapshot.

So targeting people based on their interests in one of its platforms would give advertisers the opportunity to better understand how their users behave.

In 2017, Facebook rolled out its latest feature, the Social Graph, which lets advertisers target their audiences based on things like their interests, interests in brands, and interests in specific products and services.

It was also one of the first platforms to implement targeted ads, and its adoption rate is high enough that advertisers can see an enormous jump in ad spend in the last six months of 2017.

But it’s also clear that targeted ads aren’t the only way advertisers are using this new technology.

For years, advertisers are still relying on data gathered from traditional ad networks.

And since Facebook’s data is so easy to analyze, advertisers can also be more confident about the results that they’re getting.

And now, with the social graph and Facebook’s ability to see the ads the advertisers are targeting, advertisers don’t have to worry about the accuracy of their targeted ads.

This makes it possible for advertisers to be even more effective, and also helps them get a better sense of what their audiences are really looking for from ads.

What does this mean for publishers?

Now that Facebook is letting advertisers target users based on the ads, publishers have an even bigger opportunity to grow their businesses. Because


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