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Mas Advertising Agency Design ‘I don’t believe it’: Why so many liberals are not buying this anti-Trump ad by ‘Fake News’

‘I don’t believe it’: Why so many liberals are not buying this anti-Trump ad by ‘Fake News’

In the run-up to the election, Hillary Clinton’s team used the hashtag #FakeNews to attack Donald Trump’s “fake news” narrative.

But now, the Democratic nominee’s team is taking aim at a conservative group called the American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC, which it has dubbed “the group that makes fake news.”

The attack comes on the heels of an ALEC-sponsored “Truth in Advertising” conference in Texas on Thursday, and the group has also set up a new website,, which is the official portal for the “truth-in-advertising” group.

The “truth in advertising” group, which also includes the American Conservative Union and the American Association of State Directors of Education, was founded by a Texas-based political operative named Steve Lohmann.

Lohman is a former top adviser to the Koch brothers and was previously employed by the Kochs to run their anti-regulation political operations in the state.

“The ‘truth in ad’ movement has been a huge success,” said Michael Needham, a political science professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

“It has been successful at pushing legislation that allows companies to be more aggressive in taking away workers’ health benefits and more aggressive on corporate taxes and corporate social responsibility.

But it has not been successful in the way it has been able to convince a majority of Americans that the ‘truth’ in these advertising ads is fake.”

Lohmans claims that “truth” is in advertising, and that he has a “huge” network of “supporters.”

He has claimed that he and the other “truth makers” are the “new face” of the “anti-truth movement” and that “they are actually the ones that are actually in charge of the truth.”

“I think the American people have been very supportive of the anti-truth campaign.

I think they are very supportive and supportive of people that want to push back against the ‘fake news’ narrative,” Lohmans son, Stephen, told The Washington Post.

“I’ve heard from people that they believe this has been real and the truth has been revealed.”

But the group’s founder, Lohs, is not the only prominent figure in the movement who is not taking a firm stance on “fake” news.

For years, “truth is king” has been the mantra of right-wing “truth leaders” like David Horowitz and Andrew Breitbart.

In 2015, Horowitz declared that “if you want to stop fake news, you have to stop false and misleading stories.”

And Breitbart has also called out “fake media” for their “anti-” and “anti–” coverage of President Trump.

In an op-ed in The New York Times, Horowitz said “the truth in the American media has become the enemy of truth, the enemy and the source of all evil.”

He wrote that “fake News is a threat to our democracy, a threat that can and will destroy our society if left unchecked.”

And in a series of tweets on Friday, Breitbart slammed the “fake-news” movement and “fake facts” that he called “corrosive to the democratic process.”

In a tweet Friday morning, Breitbart also called “the anti-fake-media movement” “fake and misleading” and said that “there is a real threat to the truth in American politics.”

“Fake News has become so toxic to the Republican Party that many Republicans believe they must defend the lie,” he wrote.

“They cannot stand the truth, so they are not doing their job.

But the truth is coming out.

The truth is in.”

“The truth is out,” he added.

We need to take back our country. “

We need to demand a return to honesty and truth in our political process.

We need to take back our country.

We must reject fake news.

We cannot let the ‘false’ media, which has been spreading lies for years, get the last word.

The only thing standing between the American Dream and a nightmare is the truth.

The time is now.”

The “false” media has also been spreading falsehoods about the “alt-right,” the alt-right’s white nationalist, anti-Semitic, anti-“globalist” political movement.

On Friday, “fake Trump” was trending on Twitter.

On Sunday, the alt, alt-left, and alt-lite were trending in the same way as Breitbart and Horowitz.

On Tuesday, Breitbart was trending in a similar fashion to the alt right and alt left, with his article titled “The Alt-Left and the Alt-Right Are Not the Alt Right.”

Breitbart, Horowitz, and others who have been critical of the alt left and alt right


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