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Mas Advertising Agency Design The Costa cola ad that really should have gone to the World Cup

The Costa cola ad that really should have gone to the World Cup

The Costa Cola ad during the 2006 World Cup should have been a world championship advert for the beverage.

The commercial, which also aired on international television, was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic.

It was a very well-conceived commercial that was widely popular and, in turn, was successful.

The ad showed a large group of young men celebrating after a cup of Costa Colas and a champagne toast.

The Costa ad featured an attractive young woman in a bikini, and the men were shown looking on in awe as she gave them a sip.

The idea was to show that the beverage was a “safe” and “harmless” option, and that it could be enjoyed without worrying about the dangers associated with drinking it.

But the idea was never to sell the beverage as a health food, nor as a way to “help with recovery” or “restore the balance of energy” in the body.

The women are wearing nothing, the men are all wearing shorts and t-shirts, and all are dancing.

And they have champagne.

The implication is that it is safe, harmless and even a good way to relax.

The men in the commercial were seen enjoying a Costa Colab, and this was the point where the ad crossed the line between entertainment and advertising.

But in reality, the commercial was designed to be a serious advertisement that had a message for the masses.

It could not be marketed as a “health food”, nor as something to relax the heart.

The message was to encourage people to drink more Costa Colades to boost their energy levels, or to take part in a health-conscious exercise program.

The problem with the Costa Colaborate commercial is that in doing so it has failed to get the right message.

The “health” aspect was not conveyed.

It is easy to see how the Costa brand could have been taken up by a health company, as a means to promote health, rather than to sell Costa Colares.

But this was not the case.

As a health drink, Costa Colabs are a relatively safe option.

The ads have become synonymous with high energy levels and a high degree of physical activity.

But as long as the message of “healthy” and its associated health benefits is not conveyed, there will be no impact.

The health claims of the Costa colas are exaggerated, and they have no nutritional value.

It might be that the message is that people should drink a lot of them, but that is not the same as promoting the “safe and harmless” product.

This is not to say that the messages of the ad are not important, or that they do not convey important messages.

It just does not follow that they are accurate.

However, as the Costa commercial has failed, we have to wonder what might have been done to improve the message.

There are a number of reasons why it is important to make the Costa commercials more positive and accurate.

One is that they have the potential to be more popular than their negative counterparts.

The advertisements have the power to attract more people to a cause, and therefore to raise awareness and promote it.

The advertisement is a prime example of that, as it uses the image of a group of men celebrating a cup to help sell Costa colabs.

However it is also true that the ads can be used to raise public awareness and public pressure.

In other words, the ad is a positive influence.

The most effective ads in this regard are those that involve the promotion of a product.

But for the advertising of Costa, this is probably the weakest link.

The Coca Cola commercials that have been seen by a large audience are generally designed to promote a drink, but the message does not always come across.

There is a lack of understanding and the message may not even be accurate.

And when you look at the commercial above, it is not clear whether the women are dressed as bikini-clad girls, or a normal-looking young woman.

It would be a mistake to believe that the commercial is a “harmful” one.

In reality, this ad is not a health product, but a message about the good health benefits of drinking the beverage, and about how much fun it can be to enjoy a cup.

The advertising of the Coke commercial is quite different.

In the Coke ad, a group is seen celebrating a drink after a few cups of Costa.

The slogan is “Happy, Healthy and Delicious”.

It is clear that the drink is not meant to be an “energy drink”, and it is very easy to understand why.

There could be a health benefit in drinking the drink, or perhaps some positive side effects.

However the advertisement is quite misleading, because the drink does not have any nutrition value and is therefore not “safe”, as the slogan implies.

It has also not conveyed any message, which is not appropriate for the “health benefits” of the beverage in general.

The best advertising is when the message conveys the right messages


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