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Mas Advertising Agency Printing What if you could embed a billboard into your car?

What if you could embed a billboard into your car?

If you have a smartphone, you can search for ads for cars on your phone using Google Maps and you’ll see a bunch of ads for various brands.

But, that’s not all.

In fact, the company has also made a nifty little extension for Google Maps that you can add to your Android device, letting you embed a car decal on your smartphone’s display.

The extension is pretty simple, and it only requires a few clicks to install.

Simply open the extension and hit the “Add to Ads” button.

Once installed, you’ll be able to view a list of car decals that are currently available on the Google Maps.

For example, if you’ve installed this extension, you will be able see an advertisement for Volvo, which is located at the top of the map.

The ad for Volvo comes with a number of stickers that you could put on your car.

You can either use the car decaling to create a decal that’s displayed on the phone, or you can put them in a place where you’d normally display them.

For instance, you could add a sticker on the back of your car that reads “V8 Volvo”.

It also has an additional sticker that shows you how many stickers you have left on your vehicle.

When you click “Add To Ads,” you’ll then be directed to a page where you can select the type of car you’d like to add.

The first option that comes up is a billboard, which you can use to display a billboard for your smartphone.

After you’ve selected the billboard, you should see an image of the billboard.

Clicking the billboard’s image will open up a new window with a preview of what it looks like.

You’ll see that the billboard has a black background, and you can also adjust the size of the display by clicking the slider.

The billboard should then start to display advertisements for a few minutes.

When it’s done, you’re presented with a list that lets you select what you’d want to display in the billboard for that particular car.

The second option you can click is “Add” to add a car to your display.

To add a new car to the display, click the “Show Ads” tab and select the “Car” option.

You will be prompted to fill in some information about the car that you want to show on your display, including its model, and the year it was produced.

Once you have that information filled out, click “Submit” to start displaying the car in your display for that specific car.

If you’re a car owner, you might be interested in seeing how this extension works on your Google Maps app.

In the Google maps app, you would select your display’s “Car,” “Car Decal” and “Car Advertisements” settings, which are similar to the ones that Google has for other Google services.

Here, you select the size and placement of your display display, and then select which advertisements you’d prefer to display.

For this example, I’m using the size that I’ve set for the display’s display, which should be the same as mine.

After clicking “Add,” you should now see an overlay of your current car decaled image and the car adverts that are displayed.

You might notice that there are a couple of small blobs in the center of your screen, which indicates that Google Maps has automatically selected the correct car decaler for your display to display the ad for.

The next screen that pops up shows you the options you can choose to display ads on your displayed display.

There are two options that you should choose: Display a small ad for your vehicle, and Display a larger ad for a different car.

This option will allow you to display one ad for each vehicle.

If that’s the case, you want the larger ad to be shown on your next display, as opposed to displaying a smaller ad for the next vehicle.

To make this easier, you don’t have to be able in your phone to access your display and display ads for your car, so the only place that you would have to go is to open the Google Map app and select “Car Display” from the dropdown menu that appears in the upper right corner.

The smaller ad will be displayed in the lower left of the screen, and a larger car ad will appear in the right-hand side of the window.

You don’t need to scroll down to see the larger ads, and each of the ads can be removed from your display by pressing the “remove” button located in the bottom right corner of the Google map app.

The third option you will want to select is the “display” option that allows you to choose the placement of the ad and whether or not it will appear on your screen.

You want to choose this option because you’ll want to use it for both advertising on the display and for displaying ads on the screen. When the


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