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What you need to know about the controversial Zimmerman ad campaign

A New York ad campaign launched last month that critics say is sexist and misogynistic, and will likely go down in history as one of the most divisive political ads of all time.

The ad campaign, titled “Women, Get Ready,” is being touted by Democratic candidate for the Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand, as a “woman-driven effort to elect more women to public office.”

The video was released on May 26 and depicts a woman who appears to be talking to a male colleague at a restaurant, wearing a pink bikini top.

She speaks in an almost robotic tone, while a woman in a blue shirt speaks in a gruff, more aggressive voice.

“Do you want a new job?” the woman says.

“Do you know who you’re talking to?

The man.

The man you are talking to is a woman.

You want to work with a woman?””

No, I don’t want to,” she responds.

“I don’t know why you’re here.

You’re looking for a new place to work.”

The video is part of a larger campaign launched by Gillibrad, which is focused on gender equality, including a plan to create $1.2 billion in investments in the United States by 2020.

She’s also been pushing a gender-specific policy agenda, with the aim of making women more financially responsible for their household, raising the minimum wage and improving access to public schools.

The ad is part from a broader campaign Gillibran is running that is meant to boost her image as a strong female leader in the Senate.

The ad features a woman walking down the Senate hallway, holding up a piece of paper with a message.

It reads: “Women are here.

Get ready.

We want more women in public office.

Get out there.””

This is the real deal.

This is the message,” Gillibrant said during a campaign stop in the New York City borough of Queens on Thursday.

The New York Times first reported the ad, and the video has since been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube.

The video begins with a group of women, including one in a pink shirt, speaking in a robotic tone.

The group of people who are speaking appear to be in their 20s or 30s, and they all appear to have dark hair and have short, cropped, ponytails.

Gillibrand then turns to the woman sitting across from her.

She holds up a note that says, “What you need is a man.

Get over here.”

The woman responds, “I need a man.”

The women continue their conversation, and then a woman wearing a blue sweater, who is also in her 20s, asks, “Do I need a job?”

The woman replies, “No.

I don,t know why.””

I don,’t want a job.

I need to.

We don,re all here,” the woman continues.

“We have to be able to make decisions together.

This whole thing, we have to make the right choices.

We have to, we,re working for each other.””

Women are the future of this country.

We are the people who make the decisions.

And we can’t have women making the wrong decisions,” Gillibhand said in a campaign appearance on Thursday, before adding, “We need to be more supportive of women.”

Gillibs statement follows a similar one by Republican Sen. Kirsten Gains, who said last month she was “disappointed” by the ad.

She said in an interview with Fox News that she was not surprised that Gillibrands ad campaign would be controversial.

In a statement, Gillibrard defended the campaign, and said, “This campaign is part and parcel of the important work being done to create more opportunities for women in America.

It is part the effort to get more women elected to public offices.

We have the largest number of women in the senate in the world, and we have been working with women for more than two decades.

The truth is that this campaign is all about empowering women and creating more opportunities to lead and achieve more for all women.””

In the future, we are going to be even more focused on supporting women who have a career and a family and who want to have their own voice,” Gillies statement added.

But the controversy comes at a time when women are increasingly under fire for their lack of representation in the public eye, and Gillibranders campaign is just the latest in a long line of divisive ads that have targeted women in politics and politics in general.

In May, President Donald Trump accused Democratic nominee Sen. Kamala Harris of having “a lot of problems” and of being a “loser.”

In November, a campaign ad from GOP Rep. Lou Barletta, a Pennsylvania congressman, was seen by millions of people across the country.

The video showed Barlett


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