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Yelp finds its next big thing

CNN has found itself in a unique position to report on an industry that has been in the news lately.

Yelp is a social media platform that connects users with local businesses, and is in the process of launching a native advertising business, which it hopes will help it reach more people.

The company is also in the midst of expanding into the food service industry, where it’s partnering with a number of restaurants to provide coupons and promotions.

Its a natural fit for CNN, which has been pushing its native advertising strategy, which is aimed at helping advertisers reach a broader audience and reach more consumers in the future.

The network, which now has about 1.3 billion monthly visitors, has seen its audience grow in recent years, especially among millennials.

The growth has come in the form of ads, which have made up a significant portion of CNN’s advertising revenue.

Its advertisers include brands including Pizza Hut, Kraft and Kraft Foods.

Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL have also joined the company.

The new native ad service will allow advertisers to reach consumers through multiple platforms, from the mobile phone to the TV and social media platforms.

It’s a big step for the company as it attempts to reach its target demographic of younger consumers.

CNN currently has 1.1 million daily unique viewers, which are defined as those aged 18-49.

Yela, which was launched in 2011, aims to provide advertisers with a direct link to their audiences through social media, video, mobile and desktop advertising.

Its goal is to bring advertisers into the fold of the CNN brand and to connect with them directly.

It’s also a way to tap into the audience that advertisers want to reach.

Yello also offers native advertising opportunities for advertisers to offer coupons, which will then be delivered to consumers through the native advertising platform.

That allows advertisers to promote products directly to the people who might not otherwise be able to purchase those products.CNN will also leverage Yello’s social media and video advertising capabilities, which gives the network a direct line to its audience.

CNN’s video content has seen a significant increase in viewership in recent months.

In addition to the native ad business, Yello will also be offering native search advertising for businesses that need to reach more advertisers.

It will be interesting to see if CNN will go forward with the native ads business in the near future, as the native advertiser platform could also serve as a new platform for advertisers looking to grow their audiences.


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