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Mas Advertising Agency Picture Album Google wants to know if you’re drinking when you use targeted advertising

Google wants to know if you’re drinking when you use targeted advertising

Google is looking to track you down if you use alcohol advertisements on its search engine, but it’s only for one use: targeting alcohol ads.

The search giant is reportedly developing a feature that will help it target ads based on your drinking history.

That could help it find users who may be more likely to be vulnerable to ads, such as those who are older or more likely-to-buy alcohol.

Google’s alcohol research team is looking into using alcohol advertisements in the Google search engine.

The company said it will provide more details on how its alcohol research work will work in a blog post on Wednesday.

Google has previously shown interest in using alcohol advertising to target alcohol consumers.

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the company was working on a way to target ads on mobile devices to target people in that age range.

In March, Google rolled out a new feature called Project X that allows advertisers to target search results based on people’s drinking habits.

Google is also looking to use alcohol ads in its YouTube search.

YouTube is the world’s largest video platform, with nearly 8.5 billion videos on the site.

Google’s alcohol ads work the same way as Google search ads, but with an emphasis on targeting alcohol consumers, according to a blogpost by the company on Tuesday.


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