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Mas Advertising Agency Design PPL and Optus to create new ad format in next few months

PPL and Optus to create new ad format in next few months

News Corp Australia is set to unveil an advertising format that will allow advertisers to target people directly from video ads.

The Australian Video Advertising Standards Authority (AVASA) has been in talks with major video advertising companies about adopting the new format for a few months, with a decision expected later this month.

It’s not known whether this will be a standalone ad or an ad that can be embedded in a video advertisement.

The new format, called AdHoc, will allow ad agencies to create ads in which users are shown videos and videos of other users and their reactions.

It will allow them to target different audiences, including people who have been exposed to content from other channels and people who are more casual about the content they watch, the AVASA said in a statement on Tuesday.

In an interview on Tuesday, Paul Smith, the company’s head of product innovation, said the new ad would “open up a whole new way to deliver advertising”.

“The key thing is the ability to deliver the ads, which can be viewed on a mobile device,” he said.

The company, which already has the AdHob format, is also working with video ad tech company iAd.

Smith said the format would be available to all advertising companies and the “new ad format will be used by all advertising providers”.

“We have seen this before, we have seen it used by many companies in the last year, so we’re excited about this,” he added.

The format has been widely heralded as a game changer for ad formats, but the reality is it’s likely to be a lot more work than the technology is letting on.

The ad industry is not the only one that is looking to make the transition.

Advertising standards experts have also been discussing the topic for some time.

The US Department of Commerce has already said it will be using ad formats like AdHobo for the first time in 2018.


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