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Mas Advertising Agency Printing Which of these advertisers is the most influential?

Which of these advertisers is the most influential?

Advertisers have a number of ways to promote their products and services on social media.

For example, you can make a post about a product or service, which may show up on a search engine.

Or, you could simply share a link to a relevant page on the site.

Here are some of the top 10 most influential social media advertisers, according to the 2016 Nielsen Media Research Group survey.1.

Fox News: Advertiser-owned Fox News has become a favorite target for social media marketers.

In 2015, Fox News ranked first in terms of clicks, impressions, and engagement with users, according the survey.

And, the network’s social media strategy is well-received among fans of the network.2.

CNN: The network’s coverage of the 2016 presidential election led to the biggest year-over-year increase in social media clicks and impressions for the year.

The network also has a robust reach across digital platforms.3.

Amazon: The online retailer has been making waves in recent years with its Kindle and Echo smart devices.

Its online shopping platform has become the go-to place for Amazon shoppers, and the company’s new Prime Video service, in which it streams videos and content from the company, has seen a tremendous uptick in digital engagement.4.

NBC: The popular NBC Nightly News program has been one of the most talked about TV shows since its premiere in 2009.

The newsmagazine has seen more than $7 billion in annual online ad spending over the past five years.5.

PepsiCo: PepsiCo’s brand has been around for more than a century, and it has always been one to watch when it comes to product placement.

The company has been an advertiser for Fox News since 2010, according a report by The New York Times.6.

General Motors: The company’s Chevrolet brand is an easy target for advertisers looking to capitalize on the brand’s popular crossover SUV and pickup trucks.

The brand’s Chevrolet Bolt electric car has seen huge sales in the U.S. and in other countries, and Chevrolet has partnered with Fox News to bring its Bolt to the network, according an interview with Fox Business Network.7.

Toyota: The automaker has been a big advertiser on Fox News for several years, according as a 2017 Forbes article.

The automaking company is known for its innovative vehicles, including the Prius, which was featured on the 2017 Emmy Awards.8.

Intel: The chip maker’s chips have been used in smartphones and other consumer electronics, as well as in televisions and other high-end consumer products.

Intel also is a social media advertiser, according CNN Money.9.

Verizon: Verizon’s brand was a big draw for advertisers in the 2017 Nielsen Media and Advertising Survey.

The wireless carrier is a huge fan of Fox News, and in 2017 it signed a deal with the network to broadcast the network on its TV channel, which has been renewed for another two years.10.

Disney: Disney’s theme parks, theme parks in Australia and Disney World Resort have become popular destinations for Disney fans.

Disney also has partnerships with Fox and Fox News.

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