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Why you should avoid fallacies in ads

Some ads on the Internet have become a big problem for consumers.

In recent years, advertisers have been accused of using common fallacies to get more clicks and more revenue, and some are even going to court to make their ads look better.

The latest example of this kind of marketing deception is in the form of ads promoting free internet browsing.

The ad is a viral video, and as the narrator explains, it features a “social media marketing company that works with celebrities, celebrities, and celebrities to help you get the most out of your time online.”

There’s no evidence the ad was paid for, but it’s not uncommon for online marketers to make misleading claims in order to get clicks and revenue.

Here’s why it’s important to be skeptical of fallacies and to ask yourself: Are the claims in the ad true?

Are the conclusions drawn from them correct?

If so, do they hold up?


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