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Mas Advertising Agency Picture Album What do you want to know about the upcoming “Advertising on Google” initiative?

What do you want to know about the upcoming “Advertising on Google” initiative?

A new Google ad campaign is being rolled out to the UK’s search engines to promote the latest crop of digital advertising.

The campaign will begin with a campaign to help consumers decide where to spend their money on Google.

The ad campaign, launched in April, is a part of Google’s latest campaign to improve its search results for advertisers.

The ads will run on Google’s search engine and will promote a range of products and services, including Google Books, Google Search, Google Maps, and Google Drive.

Google said the ads will “help people find what they’re looking for, from a simple search result to a detailed search result, or to a wide range of other types of products.”

The campaign is part of the company’s campaign to try and make it easier for advertisers to find their customers, according to a Google spokesperson.

“We’re committed to making it easy for advertisers and brands to reach their audiences, and the ad campaign we’re announcing today is part at our push to make it even easier for marketers to find and engage with their consumers,” Google spokesperson Eric Martin told The Associated Press.

The new ad campaign will focus on “top brands and businesses that deliver the most compelling and meaningful advertising to consumers,” according to Google.

The initiative is part the company, as part of a broader campaign called “Search and the Search Engine,” which aims to boost Google’s brand and boost its ability to attract and retain consumers.

The Google search engine was launched in 2009, and has become one of the most popular search engines in the world.

Google says its search engine has more than 300 million unique users worldwide, and that the search engine ranks as the seventh most popular website in the US.

The campaign also includes a push to promote products and online services that are part of an advertising campaign, including products like Google Books and Google Search.

Google has not disclosed the cost of the campaign, but it is expected to run for about a year.

Google is the latest major search engine to join the push to get its search algorithm to better serve advertisers.

The company has been using Google’s data to improve search results, which the company says helps advertisers find the best products, services and content to reach consumers.


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