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Mas Advertising Agency Picture Album When you’re paying to have ads on your news feed, what’s the point?

When you’re paying to have ads on your news feed, what’s the point?

Google News is getting a lot of flak lately.

While the company says it’s not targeting ads at advertisers, a lot has been made about its recent decision to cut the price of ads on newsfeed.

While there are plenty of legitimate reasons for this, many are concerned that Google is intentionally targeting users for ads, and are worried that this will cause people to stop visiting the site.

The biggest concern is that people will stop using Google News, or, more accurately, start searching for alternative news sources.

That is, if Google decides to reduce the price by 50 cents, that means Google is trying to make money off people who might not have subscribed to Google News in the first place.

Theoretically, if people stop using the site, then Google is paying users to stay on the site as well.

The problem with that, however, is that the site is still running.

It has the same content and ads, as well as the same advertising and paid search results.

It just has less traffic than it used to.

That’s because the site’s traffic has grown dramatically in the past year, as people have gotten more interested in news and politics.

The news and political sites are both big news sources, so it’s easy to understand why people are trying to figure out what’s happening on the other side of the news bubble.

The only problem is that Google has already started reducing the price, according to a Google spokesperson.

According to a blog post published on Monday, the news feed price will be cut by 50% in September, and by 25% in December.

While Google is already cutting the price for advertisers on the newsfeed, they will still be able to pay for advertising on the website.

Google said that it plans to “expand” the news section of the site in the coming months, adding new articles, and offering new ad formats.

Google News also plans to launch a “news portal” to offer searchable, searchable content that users can subscribe to and view.

The company is also rolling out its new news search results that will include news stories from the top news sites, as opposed to the sites from which they originate.

The blog post goes on to say that the news search result is not just a tool to show search results, but that it will also “help drive the creation and distribution of content for users.”

While Google is hoping to make a lot more money by lowering the price on the new newsfeeds, there’s still the question of what users are actually looking for.

There are also many news sources that have already been cut down in price.

The Guardian is one of those, as it only recently went live, and the Washington Post is another.

The Wall Street Journal has also recently been slashed in price, and it’s a source of pride for many users who like to find out what the latest news is.

Google is also trying to create a searchable news search for people who want to see articles from a specific news source, but the problem is, the search is not searchable.

It only shows search results for articles that have been indexed in Google News.

And the search results are not very searchable at all, either.

The result is that many users are looking for news content that doesn’t have any links to any news sources in the news article, even if it has been indexed.

The problem with newssearch is that it’s hard to find reliable information that doesn-t have a search result.

So, how can you get reliable information on a topic that you’re not paying to find?

One way is to subscribe to a newsfeed that has news content.

News feeds can also be used to find information that has already been indexed on Google News and is not in Google’s search results at the moment.

There is a free alternative to Google’s News search, but users who subscribe to the newsreader will have to wait for the free newsreader to be released, which is likely to take a while.

As you can see, the new search results don’t provide much insight into what’s going on on the internet, either in newsfeed content or in the search result itself.

If you want reliable information, you’ll have to search the internet.


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